Mar 27


Judge Joe Brown clearly needed a moment, but I will say if Judge Mathis goes to the clink, I am going to be so upset.

That is my main man.

Judge Mathis forever.

Mar 16

Mar 7

Feb 9

Woody Allen has also become a terrible writer. His dialogue is forced and artificial, with antiquated phraseology and references.

And Woody Allen has made maybe one really good movie in the twenty years since. Deconstructing Harry. (Manhattan Murder Mystery was made essentially during the whole mess, and he makes the really bogus claim that he was ” world famous claustrophobic” in it. Never mentioned in any other context until that movie.) Slime bag.

I was all set to model my life on Woody Allen, but I was 18 when all of this happened, so I switched to Jon Stewart (way before the Daily Show).

I’m going to miss “The Kugelmass Episode”, Annie Hall and Love and Death, but I’m a grown-up so I can fucking handle it.

Jan 4

The man he elected @JohnFugelsang: Ralph Nader’s open letter to George W. Bush - ‘The Country you destroyed.’ -

Jan 3

Stop telling me about your weed.

Jan 1

Why are you still writing anything on checks? Are you that guy at the Supermarket?

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